Dimitris Varelas
Some would argue that miniature models were first made for children. These are
supposed to be very tasteful children's toys to complete the need of the young to
drive. But things aren' t so simple.
In  the  beginning,  the  manufacturers made toy cars only for children, however
with  the  development  of  technology,  these  manufactures reached a very high
level of comformity of the original  model  that  adults also became interested of
acquiring them and thus creating "personal collections".
Judging from the shocking details that these small models have, we understand
that surely they are not addressed so much in children but for adults. For adults
that  can make  their  interest  a collecction,  and  their  collection,  passion.  The
collection  of car  models is a  well known hobby. It is not odd that people always
had   the  tendency  to  collect  objects   for  their  personal  pleasute.  And many
collectors of miniature car  models  exist  both in the world and Hellas. Their ages
are from 8 until 80 years.....
In  Hellas  I  am  from  the first  individuals  that dealt seriously with miniature
car models  both as a collector  but  also as a seller. I had from a small age a love
for  the  cars  and  I showed  it  by all  means!  Later on  in  life my work  was the
design  and  manufacture  of  jewels,  something that  occupied  me  for 25 years.
In  1987  I discovered  model  cars  of  scale  1:18  (length 30 cm roughly). These,
because of their  relatively  big size, it is feasible to turn thir tyres,open the hood,
the boot or even see the engine with large detail and conformity. Once I placed in
the window  of  my  jewelry shop 18 miniature car models and to my amazement,
they  were  all  sold in minimal time interval. Roughly in three days!! These were
the  three  days that  I  understood  that  my  main  employment  would  change.
At  the  same  time my  personal  collection  was growing,  which  now  numbers
roughly around 500 pieces, mainly in the scale 1: 18.
In  my  shop  I  have  all  copies that are in circulation of this scale together with
planes,  and  motorcycles,  that  I change making them unique since no company
manufactures them in  the  form  which I offer. In the beginning there were many
things I did not know about the miniature models. Let us consider that their sizes
are separated mainly in three scales.
The  most  hard  to find  in Hellas was the scale 1: 43 which have a length of 10cm
to 12cm  and  that  Hellas  collectors  found  usually  frtom foreign manufactures
since  the  cost  of  manufacturing  them in Hellas was very high compared to the
low  prices  of  factories in  Asia. The difficult times however, wher the collectors
faced problems  in  their  passion  have  passed.  Today everything is imported in
If  you  wonder,  how can someone achieve a passion for miniature car models
and  become  a  collector,  I would  have  to  say  that  this happens without you
knowing,  in the  beginning  you  start  with a model that you like and then you
search to find more, suddenly without knowing you reach a collection of around
15  pieces.  Increasing  your  collection  does  nor  require  you to  spend a lot of
money. On  the  contrary  price tange from 14 euros to 250 (with the latter being
prices of rate pieses).
Beacause  the  small bright  miniatures models stand to delightfully together and
their  collection  cost  is  much  less from  that the collection of real cars, I am at
your dispsal to guide you in this fantasy world.....
Dimitris Varelas